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re: TSU's Loot Council


The Shattered Union uses Loot Council to distribute its gear in raids. To facilitate this we use the RCLootCouncil addon to make management and selection easier. It is mandatory to have the addon installed and enabled to receive loot in raids.

The council is based on a loot priority system. Each class and spec has different stat weights, some favor haste others mastery, each player will select the two optimal stats for their character and list them in a separate forum on this website along with their choice of tier slots and weapon selection. Those two chosen stats will be used to indicate to the Master Looter the strength of the piece of gear for your character.

When loot is distributed, RCLootCouncil will open and buttons featuring: "2 Stat", "1 Stat", "0 Stat Upgrade", "Off-Spec", "X-mog", "Pass" will pop up. Below are the methods for choosing the appropriate button to hit for a given piece of gear.

For armor pieces, select "2 Stat" if both stats on the armor match your best 2 stats. Select "1 stat" if only one of the stats match either of your best 2 stats. Select "0 Stat Upgrade" if neither of the stats match your best 2 stats but the armor is an item level upgrade.

For accessory pieces, the same rules apply as armor with the additional Bonus Armor stat for tanks and Spirit for healers. In those cases, the Bonus Armor and Spirit are considered automatic "1 Stat" for tanks and healers and the second stat on the accessory needs to match either of your best 2 stats to qualify as a "2 Stat".

For trinkets, if there is Strength, Agility, Intellect, Bonus Armor, or Spirit on the piece of gear then the raiders who utilize those stats can consider it "1 Stat". If stat bonus from the proc/on use for the trinket matches either of your top 2 stats it is considered a "2 Stat" upgrade.

For tier tokens, "2 Stat" applies if you are getting a token for the first time or are upgrading a token to a higher difficulty. "1 Stat" applies if you already have the tier token but are trying to reroll for a socket or warforged piece. "0 Stat" applies if the tier piece is an upgrade but not considered for your 2 or 4-set.

Select carefully. If you vote "2 Stat" when a piece is considered "1 Stat", you will not be considered for the gear.


In the event that a piece of gear is Best-in-Slot, a note should be added before selecting your bid indicating that the gear is BiS and what slot in the event (ex: BiS Boots or BiS Trinket). BiS marked pieces will be distributed before non-BiS marks. Calling a piece BiS in ventrilo or in chat will not qualify.

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